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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

December 21, 2017

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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

December 21, 2017

When you have dents on your vehicle and are not sure what to do or who to go to Paintless dent repair/removal (PDR) should be your first choice. 

Florida has seen an ever-increasing number of customers who are taking advantage of this successful and cost-effective option to completing minor repairs without having to go to a body shop. Paintless dent repairs in Florida offers all the more "value for your money" than conventional dent repair strategies and is an awesome approach to keep  your vehicle's overall appearance “Looking Good.”

Paintless dent repair internationally including Florida made the method well known in the mid-1980s, acquainting paintless dent repair with North America. From that point forward, a few neighborhood contenders have made some progress in the commercial center, with consumers  keeping their vehicles longer and  being the second most expensive investment remains the first and driving answer for Paintless Dent Repair/Removal.

What’s paintless dent repair, Florida? 

Traditional dent repairs done by most if not all Body Shops work on a cycle time environment which is measured by the Insurance Companies to rate the shop's ability to repair your car as quickly as possible to keep their car rental cost down. This can affect the dry time of materials or quality workmanship.

Body fillers (bondo), hardeners and primers are used in traditional body repair methods, damaged areas may not have been straightened properly or have had the factory corrosion protection restored, mixed properly or even if the correct materials were used. While this procedure can influence a vehicle to appear repaired properly, it doesn't deal with the dent in a method that’s most practical. It's additionally tedious, costly, and can take days (in some cases) to do and always a chance of having color matching issues that can affect the resale value of your vehicle if any of these occur.


With paintless dent repair, there are no fillers, there’s no sanding and no hazardous waste. Paintless dent repair is a naturally amicable repair technique that restores the vehicle's body panels to pre-dent condition at a reasonable amount of time and price. Paintless dent repair in Florida can be utilized to remove dents from cars, and additionally, body wrinkles and hail damage not to mention environmentally friendly.  


Every day, PDR professionals nationwide restore vehicles back to their pre-dent condition without bargaining a vehicle's finish or a shopper's wallet. 

How does paintless dent repair (PDR) Work?

Here we have the basic order of how paintless dent repair functions


  1. Assess the Damage: 
    The initial step to any PDR  procedure is to survey the damaged area. Where’s the dent? How large is the dent? Has the vehicle's finish been compromised?  How would we get to the dent? After evaluating the dent, and confirming it can be repaired by PDR method.

  2. Gain Opening to the Dent:
    Much of the time, PDR expects you to get to the rear of dent, which means having to partially or completely remove bumper covers, front and rear lights,  interior or exterior trim and moldings, mirrors, handles. To achieve paintless dent repair, you require a pathway opening to the dent R&I’s will be necessary at certain times.

    When evaluating  a dent repair, it's a great opportunity to play out the PDR repair. This is the place were accuracy and mastery of PDR Technicians become an integral factor.

  3. Get an Improved Glance at the Dent:
    Paintless dent repair utilizes light boards also known as “Line Boards or Fog Boards, which help with seeing and reading the dent from different angles they are also movable. Line or shadow reflections show the highs, lows, crowns and center pits of the dent, revealing where to accurately pinpoint and push or knock down the dent back to its pre-dent state. 

  4. Apply Pressure to Deal with the Dent: 
    Specialized tools such as rods with interchangeable tips made of either plastic, metal or rubber some adhesives are used for glue pulling methods along with different hammers and handles used to push or pull out the dents. The paintless dent repair procedure can be finished with the same day benefit, contingent upon a dent's seriousness, the outcomes can be stunning; much more so considering how the non-intrusive and fast the procedure truly is. 

Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair 

To learn more about the benefits of paintless dent repair and whether it's the correct repair method for your car or truck look at  these advantages: 

  1. Value: Compared to traditional repairs that need the utilization of body fillers as well as repainting and blending damaged areas, paintless dent repair could help keep up your vehicle “Looking Good”. Without the worries of color matching corrosion warranties, Carfax reports or diminished value. 

  2. Time-saving: Paintless dent repair takes less time to finish body dents. Contingent upon the size along with the number of the dents needing repair, the whole procedure could take hours in contrast with the number of days or even weeks for traditional body shop methods 

  3. Lower cost: Since paintless dent repair takes less time as compared to a regular bodywork costs are significantly lower. When factoring the cost of paint and materials, for example, body fillers, primers, thinners, hardeners, clears, sandpaper and tape that make traditional repairs costly, it only goes to shows how picking PDR can spare you cash. 

  4. A speedier dent repair: Paintless dent repair is mobile and is considerably quicker we go to you at home, work, at a shop, auto Dealer service drive or parking lot, expect to take just a few hours or less for most PDR repairs not days. The use of special pushing and pulling methods and tools allow for a faster repair.

  5. Environmental friendly: With paintless dent repair, there is no negative effect on the earth. The air is not dirtied by chemicals from body fillers, auto paints as well as acetone, keeping our air and water safe from any pollutants. 

Antique autos from the 40's, 50's and 60's can likewise profit by paintless dent repair without the stress of losing its vintage esteem. 

The dents won't return. Once a dent is repaired, it will hold it will not come back.


Is Your Automobile a Nominee for Paintless Dent Repair

Some dents do not have the requirements to be able to use PDR everything relies on whether the paint in the dent is scratched or broken. Also, the depth and location can make a difference, overstretched metal, certain outward dents. The vehicle's paint finish durability faded or repainted vehicles may not be a good candidate if the paint is peeling or workmanship of the painted vehicle is not of manufacture standard quality.
Your car or truck will always be around areas that dings, dents large or small, creases will happen. Paintless dent repair should be your first option for repair method.


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